Name: Luke Woods

Hometown: Leicester, United Kingdom

Occupation: Wanderer

Current Location: Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Next Destination: Kandy, Sri Lanka

If I was asked, I like to think of myself as a mini-expeditionist, mountaineer and adventure planner. Throwing myself at anything from: road-tripping from Leicester, United Kingdom to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; summiting some of the notorious Scottish munros in winter; spending summers rock climbing in the Peak District and winters snowboarding the European Alps; climbing every peak in Wales over 3000ft in 24 hours, and then every peak in England over 3000ft in 24 hours to scuba diving in the Red Sea and running a marathon.

But what catapulted me into the idea of setting up a blog was fulfilling my decade long dream of an epic bicycle tour and documenting the adventure as it unfolds. Ironically, with the exception of repairing a puncture and oiling my chain, I am not so bicycle-savvy. Being inspired by Alastair Humphreys who cycled 46,000 miles on a four year around-the-world tour I enlisted the company of a good friend, Jacob Browning, who also shares a love for the outdoors. We plan to plunge ourselves into the centre of Asia on what will begin as an 8 month bicycle touring adventure. However, with no ties to my homeland, for myself this trip could perhaps be infinite.

Initially, I decided to launched this blog in July 2018 to document and share tales and photos of my two-wheeled adventures in Central Asia with fellow cycle tourers, bike packers and expeditionists. However, once I started writing I realised there was so much more I wanted to share so now I hope that this blog is to become a means of sharing my adventures of all kinds and recollecting memorable moments that I wish I had the inspiration and motivation to publish at the time.

I know that in the modern age, time is of the essence so I hope everyone who invests some of their energy into reading my stories enjoys what they find.